Job Opportunities

Game Visual Designer and Artist

If you're a visual designer and artist who thinks that a game like Jumpy Friends could be a whole lot of fun to take to the next level, read on!

The game is currently published and playable, but I have quite a few features planned that will require your expertise.

And maybe you have some ideas of your own?

I've got the experience and skills for implementing the network protocols and back end service for an MMO game, as well as plenty of ideas for making the game even more entertaining, and (gasp!) even socially beneficial. (Yes, it's true.)

I need someone who complements my skills with a talent for graphic design, animation, and as a bonus, some experience actually building games.

Initially, I'd like to pay a flat rate for some new 2D tiled backgrounds with parallax.

If things go well, my real desire is to find a creative, positive, can-do designer who thinks that brainstorming and creating unique and original games is a whole lot of fun, to collaborate with longer term on this project and others.

If that's you, let's talk!